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This was the Headquarters.  I worked in the S4 office behind the three wheeler on the first floor from 1982 - 1983. I worked at the Hippodrome in electronic supply with Mark the dog from 1973 -1974.  I still wonder how a 76 series MOS could be lucky enough to serve two (2) tours of duty within a nine (9) year period. Maybe after 73-74 higher Hq thought I was a 98J, but then I may have gone to Shemia.
I enjoyed my second venture better than the first and went down every Sunday for breakfast at Motor pool Charlie's. I remember Charlie from my first trip.  He was a really nice man. Does anyone remember the Russian Hijacked airplane? I had some pictures but as with other things, they got lost.  If anyone has any to share, I would appreciate one as an attachment to E-Mail to me. I also remember the clouds drifting over the hill and I do not have any of those pictures either, except for 1 or 2. And the birds that migrated from Russia once a year. Does anyone remember Mr. Lawson a pilot and flew Cobras in the Army and was from around Ft Rucker, AL?  If anyone knows of any addresses or e-mail of anyone I mention here, please let me know. Some of my good friends, Rubin Solez (probably misspelled) from Texas, Frank O. Smith (COMM Center) from Maryland, Stan Goode from Tampa Bay, FL., Dianne  Garner from VA., and  CSM WELKER and so many others that I can see their face but can not remember names.  All had MOS's across the board.
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I will send you now to the picture page of pictures I still have from 82-83.  I will not duplicate any that I have seen on other pages on the Turkey site.

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